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Hi, I’m NurseNan, How Can I Help You Today ?

April 26, 2011


                                                 Question & Answer Forum  

                                              “Grapevine Ideas & Solutions”  

With Shared Web-Community Experiences & Media-Medical Forums, We Now Have Excellent Opportunities To Find Better Solutions For Challenges We Face!

             Please Join In The Dialogue And Be Part Of A Solution!!

Many of my articles will “pick-up” where the media “leaves-off”. It’s still TV and still holds back information on “sensitive” subjects. This is our chance to help each other “all the way” with issues. They have the FCC and Sponsors to consider. We Don’t. So, if my subjects are too explicit for you, please consider that “issues” don’t have ratings…they have questions. Patients disrobe behind the curtain. When its time to let it all hang out. So please check your modesty at the door, and let’s get down to the nitty-gritty! 

  My  Aim  Is True…… And I Want You Leaving Here Feeling Better!!

After you check out “The Doctors” and “Dr. Oz”, with whom I am not affiliated with  *-*  , an excellent website they recommend  is **. I have found it very thorough in its articles and answers.  The difference in them and us {you and I} is they have a stopping-point when it comes to personal issues. But, for Complete Medical Answers From Professionals, I was truly impressed and grateful.  This site is Brand Spanking New and getting going one article at a time, so please return for more advice and opinions in the future! I am no longer a licensed professional and therefore out-of-practice {pun intended}. My advice and opinions are from my experiences, hopefully mine and yours. You are welcome to post comments as if they were posts, paste articles you think are valuable alone or pertain to one of mine, and I hope you do, and soon! I am at your service should you have a personal or psychological issue you would like to discuss. Male or female, talking or ranting helps and we feel better too. I am a relatively healthy person, physically, so I understand that often our most prevalent problems are ones of living and surviving. We or I, anyway, rarely discuss with anyone my profound worries, concerns, or regrets because I don’t want to “bring people down” or more likely, I don’t want them to think that’s the only side of me. I believe the truth is that we all have intellectual thoughts about everything going on in the world. But we only share thoughts on the “lighter” subjects in fear of being thought of as a downer or fatalist. Or as whiny, grumpy, or bitchy. At NurseNan, I promise I know there are many sides of your person and personality. I’m so far from perfect, but my heart is in the proverbial right place.  I’m a true PollyAnna on my frosting side *-*, but on my whole-grain side, I wish the world would end tomorrow and end all the misery interrupting everyone’s happiness! There you go. Life’s a two-sided coin, damn it. So we all do what we do to focus on the good things so we can feel better and do better tomorrow. I’m thankful for everyone I come in contact with in life and on the web who are just trying to make someone’s day brighter. That’s why I chose Winston Churchill’s quote for my hovercard….it made me feel good about myself.

             ” We’re all worms, but I believe I am a glowworm”  _ W.C.

So ,  Lets  Get Glowing !!   To Our Health & Well-being,  Your’s Truly,  NurseNan

  1. mark permalink

    my problem is………….. 15yrs. ago i was engaged 2 an awesome lady. thing is she was a latent lesbian. the problem begins W/my greatest achivement 2 date our Son. i have had very limited involvement W/ River . and i also like wood. you re fellow wood gather er!

    • Hi Mark. Today is June 4th. Well, I am so sorry to be answering you this late. The truth is; I didn’t think my blog, NURSENAN, was functioning. When I enter it in a search, the search says it has no record of it. Mark,I wasn’t able to answer you privately by your gravitar. If you would like to email me at for a private answer, please do.

      Otherwise, here goes…I’m not sure what kind of help you are asking for exactly, today… maybe just to talk the course of your relationship out with me. We could find a chat service, also, and talk in present-time with each other if you prefer. Often, in life, we are in situations that not much can be done to change them, I realise. So especially then, it helps to talk about it. It builds up and festers inside while we walk around feeling like a time bomb…as is commonly spoken of. We all truly need to speak of these things, but often our “friends” relationship’s just don’t offer that kind of dialogue. Sometimes we just need to tell someone what burdens our heart and have someone say they are so sorry for our situation. People think we need our problems to go away. But being able to make our problems “go away” only pertains to a small group of situations in our lives. Right? What we really need is permission to process them openly with someone, on a consistant basis. Say there is nothing that can be done in your situation…you still need to have someone you can speak on it to. On a regular basis. To have it “out there” instead of “in there”. You probably felt somewhat better just having told me that you have a problem. Is this true? But, here’s the thing…YOU have to realise this as well. Not just your friend or confident, say,… me. Simply tell a friend, (if that’s a possible situation for you) that once a month you need to speak of your reality. Or once a month, contact me and speak of it. Mark….when parents are separate from their children, even if by choice, its a good thing that they still care to speak about them. Because choice or not….they will always be as real, as you are. They exist forever. Forever in your heart and mind…if you are as you should be. Just because you can’t change a situation, doesn’t mean “it” should be dead and buried. Besides…a parent and child MOST ALWAYS have the possibility of a future. Also, isn’t your son about 14 now? If it is allowed, I wonder if you realise how even a consistant letter, once a month would mean to him and his life? Even if you should never meet again? I wonder if you think its too late for that? Trust me, your son will never think its too late! AND… even if he claims otherwise. You’ve heard this before. Believe it and act on it. One day, you may have to wait until he contacts you…that’s fine…he has to figure out his life in his own time. The only important thing is that you left the door open for and to him. It is your duty. I can advise you better when we lessen the variables of your situation. If and until then, Bless you and your future in this, Mark. Let me be the one to say to you, and especially if this is a situation where you feel there is no hope in it changing…I’m sorry this has happened in your life. You didn’t plan this when you were a child. Life leaves us with regrets we never, never intended on having. It hurts, period. Sometimes forever. Sometimes the only key to feeling better, along with saying it to someone on occasion, is to truly, truly know….that EVERYONE is experiencing a painful regret in their life, that they never planned on. Never planned on it being a part of their “personal story”. So, Peace Be To You!! And me. And all us left with regrets. We’re sorry and would change it, if we could. Try very hard for self-forgiveness. Oprah says “forgiveness is realising that you can’t change the past”. That’s all. It doesn’t mean we don’t regret it, but that it’s very hard moving forward with our past on our backs, that we cannot go back and change. When we know better, we do better. Yes, oh yes, I wish I could go back and do better THEN! But grant myself the grace to do better next time. Good, Sweet Journey, Mark. That’s all we want and all we deserve. Your’s Truly, Nan

      • Mark, Just last week I found a female artist on “artist a day”.com that has won dozens of awards for her Wood Works and Natural Materials Art. Perfect for wood geeks *-* Check her out on her own website You’ll love it!

  2. A toast to our health and well being! It’s great to find a blog that shares a similar experience like mine. I may still be a teenager in the nursing profession but to me that’s long enough to learn the ups and downs of this noble but sadly dwindling profession. Awesome post. Looking forward to read more of the journey you had and will be having in the years to come. thanks for sharing.

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