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     Hi , how are you?   I’m Nan.  That you are here, makes my day.  I hope you find something good,  just for you.  Please make a  request if not.  I created this blog Easter Weekend 2011, so please return for “more-to-come”.  

     I’m offering 50 years of life experience.  7 years of Nursing as a Caregiver. Specialising and/or experience in Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementia, Brain Injury, OCD, ADD, ADHD.  So.  I must be a psychology and sociology geek as well.  Anthropology- sociology, largely.  Human Behaviorist?   Observationist?  See anything  ‘Malcolm Gladwell’.

     I’ve raised one son.  He survived and is  happy and a self-made young man.  I Married twice. Divorced twice.  I’m like a frosted mini-wheat….I have a dry side and a fun side.  Trying to walk-the-talk in the balance act that life requires.  I manage to find beauty in most everything.  Pollyanna-ish, thank goodness.  If I didn’t have her personality trait on my frosting side  I may not have survived my darkside.  The balance act thing.  Thankfully down comes back up!

    My favorite career has been a Carpenter’s Helper.  So-o-o  great building, repairing, creating beauty and perfection.  Huge self-esteem tool.  Patting yourself on the back, instead of needing it from others feels good.   Its healthy and I’m happier that way.  Oh, I love to show off!  And show off my work too.  But, I think that’s different.  I think most of us love learning to do home-improvement and landscaping for ourselves.  I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity  to learn how to work with my hands and body. Truly satisfying. I hope you get to do the same, if you haven’t.  Please ask me home-improvement questions! Talking-it-thru-construction is as good for my soul as doing it.  Helps keep the skills honed in my mind; which is really where the skill and labor begin.   HGTV and DIY  are my favorite TV channels as well as Websites. 

     Equally rewarding and  neccessary  for who I am,  was Nursing.  I think as women we are all nurses.  And,  for most  women its inherent.   The human-experience exchange may be incomparable.  I believe its impossible for Nursing or Doctoring to be a one-sided coin.  The give and take between a patient/client and caregiver makes for one of the best classrooms you may ever attend.   “A terrible thing to waste.”  I would be happy to answer any questions or share stories of profound experiences I’ve shared with people as patients and clients. We became great friends.  Probably my most meaningful.  Naturally, the most amazing stories involve death.  Especially, life just before death and just after.   I will close with that intrique or riddle.  That frosting side!

                                 Blessed Journey,  NurseNan

  1. Hi, Nurse Nan, it was nurses week a few days ago. my hospital has ” nurses as superheroes as a theme”. happy nurses week. we are superheroes you know. who else could put an I.V. on a hard stick patient but us or look at a patient from afar and say they are having a critical condition ? We don’t need the x-ray vision of superman, it’s our instinct that gives us extrapowers. have a good day.

  2. Hi, Nurse Nan looking forward for your exciting posts. I’m a nurse too and I’m on the adrenaline driven field, the E.D.

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